Saturday, August 22, 2009

She's my namesake. I should probably just change this to AudreyLand because she's my favourite, and Feist is a stupid name and has nothing to do with me anyway.
Fuck it, identity is over, you can call me Audrey form now on, not even making it up, that's my name.

The American goes home tomorrow, we drink for her.


After-thought.......... quite obviously a drunken post, probably too late to delete without embarrassment. Oh well!


Brainz said...

HI luv, dis is DOOOOM or should i sy, hello audrey

Thank you so much for the lovely post on my blog-please keep coming back! I will be giving some stuff away in the upcoming months, and of course featuring my jewelry over on Jane's blog Sea of Shoes :) cute cute cute. I want to see more pictures of your fabulous self!

Cheryl said...

Hey Audrey! Audrey is the coolest. I would go with Audrey.

The American, he, he! drink for or because of her? Poor girl.