Sunday, September 13, 2009

Doesn't matter if you don't like Jay-Z, watch it anyway.

Had yet another graduation ball thing on Friday with my friend from Cork city, which was pretty sweet because lots of the people that were there are doing the same course as me. Let's just hope they remember me when I latch onto them the first day of lectures.

Cork also has the best charity shops I've ever seen. Me and my remarkably stylish buddy G (she got stopped by Irish Street Style literally minutes after I left her that day) went for a root on Friday. I couldn't find many treasures that day but did find these three necklaces.

Much more fun to be had in Galway this week, plus a Dylan Moran gig on Sunday. Two words, LOVIN' LIFE. Ha.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My orientation day for college is on Friday and I'm absolutely terrified, I'm not the best in social situations you see. I get to a stage where fear of the inevitable awkward silence becomes too much and I just. Don't. Shut. Up.

A perfect example of this is last Saturday at a party where I knew a handful of people as acquaintances amongst an incredible amount of strangers. I learned a lot about conversation that night and for your convenience, I have compiled a short list of topics that generally aren't suitable for light conversation with strangers:

Number 1 - Private information about yourself that is best kept private until the person has become a proper friend. For example, "Oh yeah I love hanging out at the library, it's class in there, I'm pretty good friends with the librarian at this stage, we go drinking together."

Number 2 - Suicide. "Oh you go running in that park? Yeah, I lived across from that place, guy hung himself while I still lived there. Crazy huh?"

Number 3 - Pickled produce. "Ok...there's gherkins, pickled onions...what's the other one? What? Beetroot? No, not beetroot. My brother grew some beetroots this summer, they were massive! Eggs! That's it, pickled eggs!"

I'm screwed. I'm going to wind up as the girl with no friends in college who eats sandwiches by herself and is shunned in the lecture halls.
The fact that I have any friends in the first place is beyond me really.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Journey to Cork........

...involved a lot of rain.