Friday, February 27, 2009


...I recently fell in love with these shoes and I want them. Now.


...are hilarious. I just saw two of my boy dogs fornicating in the back garden.
I was accused of being crude today. I believe not, I find crudeness is so unbecoming in a young lady.
I'm so booored right now. It's Friday, I wish I had thought to go shopping earlier than quarter to nine. Everyone is doing something, I mean everyone. Don't think of me as that much of a loser, even if I do.
Alas, Remi Gaillard has been keeping me entertained on this uneventful night, he is excellent.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Excorcism of The Happy-Go-Lucky Scamp 2


No joke, I swear to God (irony, friends).

He made me place a hand on a pillow in front of him and then he put his hands beside it for a while.
The verdict: I'm an irritable asshole who has 100% toxic levels, with a bad stomach 'cause of all the crap I eat and all the contact with electronic devices is blocking up my chakras, thus banishing me from the path to enlightenment.

All I can say to that is he's lucky I'm a non-believer, or I would be severely offfended.

The Excorcism of The Happy-Go-Lucky Scamp

My mother has some whack-job in the house casting out spirits, demons and all other manner of creepy make-believe shit, and this is the only room in the house that I can be in without him bursting in and exorcising my good self, hence a nice ould post on blogger. Honestly, people actually believe that stuff, I mean really believe in it. My mother is particularly nuts. You walk in the door of our house and find yourself confronted with three Buddhas, twenty angels and a Chinese dragon thrown in for good measure.
It's confusing if anything, especially when I get a smack for not saying the angelus before the RTE news every evening. I've asked her what the big idea is with the mixed up theology, but the only answer I get is an offer of reiki to clear my aura of all the badness which is obviously the reason for my 'acting in a negative way'.
It's no wonder I'm an atheist.
I don't know what his judgment is on the place yet, the spiritual fella that is, he's being fed cake in the sitting room by my mother, but I did hear her ask my brother if he felt the house felt lighter now.
Oh deary me. At least it's Friday, that means people are home and I can escape the fear being subject to a load of hocus pocus shit over the weekend.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Graffiti... one of my most favourite things in the world. I spotted these on a side street in Dublin yesterday while I was up there sticking it to the man at the students protest. The man being Batt O'Keefe. Some of the more original placard slogans included; 'Battman is Robin students', 'Fuck You Cowen' and 'My arms hurt'.