Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well boi, I survived.

This blog is done. To all of my pleading fans who missed me so much, I am sorry. I feel cringy when I think of 'feistlande'. It makes no sense and has no purpose. An English professor of mine said something about either living life or writing about it (can't remember wh relation to) and I guess there must be some truth in that.
I started this when I was sad and depressed for a couple of months: lonely with no ambition having dropped out of college for the first time and not really knowing what I wanted to do and not really caring either. The funny thing is, a whole load of stuff has happened and my universe has done three-sixties on several occasions in the last couple of months. Scary stuff that was much worse than the college situation last year. So I am by no means okay, and not overly happy, most certainly not knowledgeable of what I would like to do with myself anytime soon, but I am living life.
And I don't have time to write about it. Fare ye well. I'll keep reading about yours.