Saturday, August 8, 2009

I found something lovely today... a little shop in my town. A 1976, paperback, Puffin edition of Peter Pan. Such lovely illustrations.
Cheered me up no end.

Also there was a festival in my home city last weekend.

Just a lot of street acts and activities, it mainly being a family weekend.

This gentleman was a bit unsettling but was nice nonetheless. He serenaded us while we drank Buckfast in the square. I gave him the last of my bottle.


Anonymous said...

That book looks lovely. Book designs were so much more interesting in the old days.

Lucy said...

Wow, someone from Ireland visited my blog and I finally learned what a banshee is. 79 years it took to find that out. Thank you for giving me a chance to see pictures of your home city festival. Please come back to visit any time.

B said...

You call that a festival? This is a festival!

We've loadsa books like that belonged to Mam, something extremely depressing about how she carefully coloured in every single image in every single book.

Cheryl said...

Oh, I love great finds like that!

That festival looks like it was a lot of fun. I would have loved to roam around there awhile soaking it all in and taking photos.

Feist said...

BMD, absolutley, it's all a bit controlled these days in my opinion!

Lucy, lovely to hear back from you!

B, glad to see you're still hanging around! I laughed so hard at that video, this is Howdo from Waterford equally hilarious I'm sure you will find!

Hey Cheryl! Yeah it was fun, but as I said very family orientated and not as big as it usually would be because of a lower budget. A nice way to spend an afternoon nonetheless!

B said...

Never said I'd stop browsing sites and all, don't know why people got that idea... didn't even do a "Damien Mulley ruins Irish Blogging."

Nope, Longford wins.... largely cos I know the fella with the Bulmer's can, and he makes more money in that video than I'd make a day. Never even been to Waterford.