Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poor Boyfriend broke himself.

It was quite funny really, we were running for the bus with many a gin drunk. Two minutes to go and we had quite a distance before us until we reached the bus stop. I sprinted with grace and elegance while he lumbered along behind me when suddenly
he thumped on to the ground face first after crumpling his ankle into a pot hole. Oh how I laughed. It's massive, and purple, hopefully not broken.

Alas, no more skating or surfing for 8 weeks, this may be detrimental to our relationship.

I don't if the three of you who read this know any surfers, but they are the biggest grumps in the world if they haven't surfed in more than two days.



B said...

"I sprinted with grace and elegance"+"many a gin drunk"=a trick of your mind.

I would've presumed surfing wouldn't be possible from about now til April... but my knowledge of it begins and ends with Home and Away.

Feist said...

No surfing is an all year round sport, it's usually better in the winter because of stronger winds and worse weather in general. Any sign of a swell and you'll see tonnes of surfers out.

And it certainly wasn't a trick of my mind, I am elegance personified.

Cheryl said...

Ouch! Does he have, or can he borrow, a wheelchair? He could, to fill the void, wheel chair surf down a steep hill. That sounds plenty scary, though not as scary as surfing in a northern winter sea.

He, he, grace and elegance after many a gin drink...A skill I'd like to have, though my drink of choice is usually a beer or some girly fruit flavored wine.

Feist said...

Wheelchair surfing down a steep hill sounds ominously fun. I think I better keep that one to myself, he'll thank you for the suggestion though! He's already begun equally dangerous tricks with his crutches.