Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh hello there Mr. Sunshine...

...where oh where have you been? I have grass to be lying in.

And friends to be hopping off to the beach with.

And happy films to end the day so I can have happy sleeps.

I can't do it without you. Please come back, I can't afford to go chasing you around the place and college starts soon you know.

- 3rd image is 'imperfectly perfect sunny day' by SANUBIAN, found on -


Anonymous said...

I fear the sun isn't listening. Either that or he/she is just a cunt.

the real mia said...

Lovely images and words. I have been feeling lonely and drab without the sunshine, but today it's shining on my little town. Hope it comes out for you too.

Feist said...

More showers for Ireland tomorrow BMD, I hate that he/she is just teasing us. What a slut.

Thanks Mia! I'm sure it will all brighten up soon.