Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two ratty days followed by a not so ratty day.


Our American went missing there yesterday, but thankfully she's been found again.
Was quite scary as she's in Italy at the moment, having arrived at midnight in Genoa the night before last. She had nowhere to go, no Italian and no information about the city. Before she got off the phone with my brother however, she decided to tell him that she, ya know, might just SLEEP ON THE BEACH if she couldn't find a hostel.
What a moron. Genoa. On the beach. Cute little American girl.

My poor brother had to live through yesterday not having a clue what the hell happened as her phone was switched off. It became clear yesterday how much he actually cares about her too. He said to me 'I have this weird, sick feeling in my stomach'. Says a lot really, that's the type of person he is, he couldn't identify his own anxiety.

Moral of the story - don't act like an idiot if you're fending for yourself in a foreign country.
She's getting slaps when I catch her.


Cheryl said...

He, he. Think her attitude shows how safe Europe seems in comparison to the US. Hope she's okay.

Your brother sounds like a sweatheart.

B said...

Damn, I'd love to have that kind of naivety... would save me a fortune on holidays and stuff.

Feist said...

Hey Cheryl, yeah I reckon she'll be OK, he really is a sweetheart.

B, that's true, but I'd rather come back in tact.

Just realised I came across quite aggressive in that post. I was terribly worried is all!