Sunday, July 12, 2009


Have you ever noticed that orange juice is yellow? And judging by that picture oranges aren't very orange either.
If you ask me that's sunshine yellow right there.
God damn fraudsters.
Either that, or the colour orange really did come after the fruit. As in the fruit wasn't called an orange because it's orange.

It's like the chicken and egg debate all over again.

I really wish I was at Oxegen.


Anonymous said...

That certainly isn't a proper orange.

I think that might be my favourite colour, that rich yellow!

B said...

Oranges are orange quite a lot of the time, different breeds and all y'know... like how not all black people are black.

I've used the rain and my full wallet to make me feel better about not going.

Feist said...

Wise words all round.

Check these monsters out ;

That's most certainly not orange either.

B said...

The legal battle between the colour and the fruit has been going on for years, until it reaches conclusion, the word shall be co-owned by the two parties.

Feist said...

I think I can just about deal with that. Thanks, B.