Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am a very happy girl today.

I just attended the best gig I think I have ever attended in all of my young life. I was a bit confused before as to how a N.A.S.A. gig would actually work. To me they just seemed to be DJs or producers and not really responsible for a large part of what they do. How wrong I was. It was an amazingly solid set of remixes and beats that was so incredibly energetic. It was like 2manydjs but more hip-hop inclined. I don't think I've ever heard a remix of Killing in the Name of quite like the one I heard last night.

The Pavilion was the perfect venue too. There can't have been more than 100 people there last night, it felt so exclusive and so much like a secret gig.
So that was all well and good. All through the night however there were rumours of a certain guest making an appearance. Rumours which turned out to be so very true. The surge of the crowd when Kanye West and Kid Cudi came on stage was incredible. I can gladly say I was in the front row, and they were so much fun! They had these funny nerdy dances and West didn't come across as arrogant as I would have expected.

I really can't describe how good this gig was, for a tenner I saw three massive artists on one tiny stage, in one tiny room.
For some reason also, and I wouldn't blame you for not believing me, the bodyguard or PR guy or something took a liking to me as they let some fans up on stage for the final song (apparently N.A.S.A always do this?). In the end my new best friend Stanley let P and I stay on stage while the rest of the fans got booted off. Everytime a bouncer came over to shoo us away, he put his arm up in front of us saying 'It's alright man, they're cool, they're with me'.

We could barely contain our excitement and we were pretty sure we were going to be booted off for looking so obviously like we didn't belong there. Eventually however, they let us into the dressing room where Squeake Clean signed my poster for me. And can I also say he was dead on, he came across as exhausted but was so polite to us. We were also talking to his mother, Pollick, who went up on stage during the show for a bit of a shimmy and a shake.

Et voila;

...just covering my name in that last photo. Pretty cool though eh? It says '*****y!!! Thanks for the love and support!! Keep exploring space!!! Squeake Clean '

What a guy.

And now...I sleep.


Anonymous said...

Great! That sounds mad. You should try to go up on stage more often, maybe you can always get away with it. Some kind of special power or something...

Feist said...

BMD I'm seriously considering following a career in groupie-ism. I reckon I have a knack for it.

B said...

So that'd make you, Kanye West, Kid Cudi and his mother the groupies of the night?

That'd be one bloody odd backstage.

Feist said...

Ha, just about B! I'm afraid Kanye and Cudi disappeared straight away so we didn't get to meet them. There was about 4 girls there too who seemed to know them quite well, so I suppose they had proper groupies too. They were pretty annoying though.

Cheryl said...

This sounds like it was a blast! The best of both worlds - great music, big stars, small crowd. Not to mention getting to go on stage and backstage!

Sorry to read about your cat, btw. I can imagine how you feel. It took me a while to get over losing my last cat, Jeffie, especially because it was so stupid and needless. And I blamed myself for not being there to protect him. In consolation I sometimes like to imagine him as my kitty cat guardian angel.

Feist said...

That's so sweet, thanks Cheryl!
It true that it hurts a lot when they're killed in that kind of way, it's worse when people make you feel silly because it's just a cat!
Poor little Fanta shall rest in peace under the rosebush forever more!