Saturday, July 18, 2009

Does the Queen call herself 'My Majesty'?

My boyfriend's grads ball is coming up. He repeated but never went to his first one so he decided to not be a dope this time and make his mother happy. I have a lovely dress and now need shoes, a bag and perhaps a hat or headpiece like this

or this

or this

I've been thinking about my own Debs night as a result of all this. It was all going according to plan for me up until five days before the night, when the aforementioned boyfriend decided to break up with me. I luckily had a good friend who acted as my back up date, but as I was so busy I never really even thought about the fact that I was now 'going through a break-up'. Consequently, my debs night was basically me in a full length Roland Mouret ball gown, pissed on gin, smoking and insulting people. The same 3,000 euro ball gown later fell apart on the dance floor, turning it into a see through mini-dress.
''It's supposed to be like that'' I slurred at my sober friends.
Thankfully I bought the dress for just 150 euro. It still hangs limp and sad in two pieces in my wardrobe as a reminder of what not to do on your Debs night.

To add to the humiliation, I woke up in my ex-boyfriend's house the next morning. Me and his sister had decided to have a sleepover for old time's sake apparently.

Ah the Debs. A great Irish institution. I'm incredibly glad I have a second chance.


B said...

You paid €3000 on something?

I made a suit outta things I found in the attic, the date was not impressed, I said she was lucky I even cut my hair, she said I should've gotten someone else to do that for me, I said f*ck off, she said fine, I said I'll have a shot of whiskey...

...and that's how I done a backflip in rhythm to Galway Girl.

Feist said...

I most certainly did not. That's the price that was on the tag but the boutique was flogging it for 150... bargain of the century.

My tipple of the night was gin and west coast cooler, I was mangled by the time we were waiting for those horrible 'professional' photos to be taken.

Your debs experience sounds equally wonderful, I do hope the backflip was captured on film.

B said...

It sounds like a piece of sh!t though, so not really a bargain at all.

Ah, we done the pictures beforehand, seemed to make more sense.
The backflip kinda caught people by surprise, spent a good hour "charging up" on whiskey before deciding that I wanted to "rule the partay"
...amazing that's the one big social even I didn't wind up fighting with someone at in secondary school actually.

Cheryl said...

That's hilarious! Hope your dress stays in one piece this time.

The headpieces, third one, definitely! Not. First one is gorgeous.