Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just wonderful...

Look, it's me! A student! Yarrr, finally decided to follow my own advice and ditch all things arts inclined, writing essays and reading books for hours is surprisingly not my cup of tea.
This time next year I will hopefully have completed my first year of Graphic Design. I have shaken my fear of all art based subjects. Yay!
Last weekend was also awesome. New people and a new crush. Being eighteen is immense, especially when someone is writing you limericks and making you giggle.

In other news, colette has been providing much entertainment art wise. Along with drooling over their massive collection of to-die-for clothes, they have a lovely and expansive archive of previous and current exhibitions of very talented and edgy-type artists.
Some of my favourites being;
Sølve Sundsbø...

and Mika Ninagawa...

Colette makes me swoon. Just wonderful.

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