Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dearest Blog,

Just finished working in the post office for the day. It's a nice place to be for some reason and you might not expect it. I'm sure people who work there day-in day-out have lost there love for it, but if you're only in there like me for a couple of days, it's enjoyable watching the people go about there business.
Anyone who thinks the Ireland of old is gone is wrong. They need to go stand in the post office for a while, it's quality. The banter going on between people and the gossip flying around the place...I think I'll be heading to the post office more often.
It's made me wish we were still in the era of letters. How nice would it be to receive a full blown letter? Nowadays a text or e-mail can be sent in a few seconds, a letter takes so much more effort, I've kept every personal letter I've ever received. One of the best times I can remember for sending letters was when I was in Irish College for three weeks two summers ago. There is nothing better than coming home to a letter from someone you're falling for. I still get tingly when I think about it now.
Also, check this out, Fafi is writing a comic... almost too good to be true...

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