Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My lovely American friend...

...has left us on a ferry headed for France.

I'll miss her and her funny ways.

I'm loving Ireland in the meantime, I went for a swim in a lake near home after dinner with my brother and his funny friends. Life is so much better when the sun shines.


B said...

What's wrong with England?

"his funny friends," I'm imagining them all categorised and packaged away. "Which friends do I wanna play with today? The funny ones, The melancholic ones, the angry ones or the drunken ones?

Feist said...

England? As in why did she skip it and go to France? She's on her way to Pampolona (sp?), and has to be there on the 5th of July for that scary festival with the bulls.

And his friends are generally all of those things at once, they just happened to have been particularly funny that day and a little less drunk!