Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jeeaaaaalousssyyyy, turning saints into the sea...

Yeah...I never did understand that line. Ace song though.
I am becoming increasingly jealous of the lovely American and her current situation in this world. No, not her button nose, ability to tell funny and interesting stories at the drop of a hat, nothing at all to do with spending lots of time with my beloved brother.

It's this stupid map she's been pouring over:

She is in a bit of a pickle as she'll be needing to decide how she's getting to Spain fairly sharpish. My fingers seem to be turning green as I type.

Alas, I've realised that envy will get me nowhere and so I've resolved to save instead of spending all my measly earnings on shoes, cigarettes and alcohol.
Surely it will all be worth it? Won't it?


B said...

You could do that whole map for about €3000 if you were tight enough.

...may require pickpocketing too.

Feist said...

That's around what I'm aiming for alright.

And pickpocketing is all part of the process methinks. Might be tricky in some of the more Eastern countries though, don't want to come back handless.

Anonymous said...

I had a great idea that would allow you to do it for about €1,000 but then I remembered that people need to sleep occasionally. After that I drank a cup of tea.

B said...

That depends on how eastern you deem eastern europe to be, I'd never be able to go over to Turkey cos (gonna try and avoid be offensive to turkish people) lotsa old Turkish women look like Garry Shandling, which is just odd.


3000 would do it decently enough I'd say, time'd be themajor factor. I've to do something decent next summer, have plenty saved up so far.

A teabag contains far more caffiene than a cup of coffee, a cup of tea does not.