Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My house sucks.

Things that have gone wrong so far:

1. In the first two weeks we had no shower so I had to depend on flying visits to houses of friends to ward off bad smells.
2. The shower door fell off.
3. The roof in the kitchen started leaking.
4. We acquired a pet mouse named Romeo who likes to dodge mouse traps and eat galaxy chocolate.
5. I realised that my bedroom is by far the worst in the house even though I'm paying the same rent as everyone else. I'm right beside the sitting room and kitchen and hear EVERYTHING that goes on from dawn to dusk.
6. I also realised that some of my housemates are hmmm.. messy.
7. We got broadband installed and it works everywhere....apart from my desk.

On the plus side my French and appreciation of art history is coming on a treat. And it's Hallowe'en soon. That means Christmas. Which means relocation. Shweet.

I've also learned how to skateboard and juggle (not at the same time), the fundamentals of DJing, met some of my heroes from Ed Banger and had a lot of fun all the while.

Perhaps the lack of internet is doing me good.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Ooo, sounds like lots of fun! Maybe you'll look back on this house with fondness one day? Maybe...
Juggling, always wanted to learn that. You're making me wish I was a college student again!