Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Global warming? What global warming?....

....I'm frickin' freezing! A good day was spent scowling at customers every time they opened the door of the shop and left the cold in. I also found loads of ways to wrap myself around the little heater in a pretzel-like fashion.
I even resolved to stay inside this evening and refuse the many propositions that usually come my way of an evening time. Alas, I then realised all my friends are gone back to college after the Christmas break, or studying for the leaving cert. Yep, today was the day it hit me that I am all alone for the next couple of months. Old hobbies will be resurrected, and I'll be forced to become friends with my family.
You never know, I could discover, in my isolation, that I'm a gifted writer, painter, or just really good at reading and texting. Yeah, that's the extent of my hobbies.
Maybe I should take up photography and turn this into one of those pointless poser blogs, not that this blog actually has a point, but you know the ones I'm talking about. One photo of a girl (the blogger) flicking her hair is followed by text somewhere along the lines of ''i really wish there were more words that required the letter 'z'.''

Maybe not.

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