Monday, December 15, 2008

Note to self: buy dog biscuits

          Stupid sister has a new boyfriend. I wouldn't mind right, but as I'm writing this, they're in the sitting room making an awful racket. He's tickling her, she's squealing; all fun and games. As well as that, just two seconds ago, my sister enquired when i planned on returning to Dublin.
         I dread to think what they'd be planning if I weren't around. Ew.
    It's worse as due to my living in Dublin for a good part of the week, The Boyfriend has really wheedled his way into my spot. I feel like he's taken my seat and every time I come home my groove is shaping itself more and more to the contours of his arse. I can't tell you how shocked I was when I returned home after a couple of weeks spent in Dublin to find myself the centre of the family taking-of-piss, he being one of the main taking-of-pissers. Shocking.
          I've seen this happen amongst our dogs. We have five rather big dogs, and also a small runt of a thing that I consider more of a rabbit. Anyway. Just recently, one of the larger dogs has found itself lowered in the pecking order. We had to keep him in the house for a while to let him recover properly from the injuries he sustained for being the nerd of the family. 
        Poor Mick the Dog and I have a lot in common. If I don't act soon, I fear I may end up in the dog-house with a rather bruised ego.

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